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Build a course bespoke to your team's exact needs...

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A tailored learning experience

With our bespoke course development, you can create learning tailored to your workforce. Work with our experts, and together, we can create engaging training to power your team’s learning.

This solution is ideal for site inductions, control of work, safety campaigns, procedure training, new equipment roll out and so much more.

Enhance with branding
Enhance with branding

Add your branding and design a course that seamlessly fits into your internal training.

Customise the content
Customise the content

Customise learning experience and desired outcomes for your audience.

Add specific expertise
Add specific expertise

Work with our subject matter experts or or use your own expertise and transfer their knowledge into learning for others

Flexible delivery
Flexible delivery

Flexible and scalable delivery using the Chorus or your own learning management system

Elevate understanding with technology

Gamification and simulation

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Scenario-based assessments

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Film production

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Bitesize learning

Perform safely in hazardous industries 12

We chose to partner with Chorus because of their experienced leadership and capabilities. Working with the guys in the past, we knew we were working with a partner that understood our market and clients.

Hicham Hachkal
National gas

Case study - National Gas

Calor Gas, the leading supplier of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) in the UK, approached Chorus with the intention to transition their compliance management from complicated spreadsheets to Chorus’ integrated online software application...

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Ideal for site inductions

Consistent and standardised training across all sites, ensuring that all employees receive the same critical safety information and protocols. Provide the flexibility for employees to complete site inductions at their own pace, reducing the logistical challenges associated with coordinating in-person sessions in hazardous or remote environments.

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