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Project Overview

Calor Gas, the leading supplier of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) in the UK, approached Chorus with the intention to transition their compliance management from complicated spreadsheets to Chorus’ integrated online software application.

This project aimed to streamline data management, enhance real-time visibility into compliance status, and improve overall performance, tracking and reporting of their Canvey Island worksite. By leveraging Chorus’ expertise and compliance management solutions, Calor Gas successfully transformed their approach to compliance, leading to significant improvements in accuracy, accessibility, and operational efficiency.

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The Problem

Calor Gas's compliance data was previously managed through various spreadsheets, leading to challenges in data consistency, accessibility, and real-time monitoring. This fragmented approach made it difficult to maintain an up-to-date overview of compliance across different departments and locations, increasing the risk of non-compliance and inefficiencies in audit processes.

Additionally, the manual handling and updating of spreadsheets were time-consuming and prone to errors, further exacerbating the challenge of ensuring accurate and timely compliance management.

“We had a fantastic spreadsheet; but that’s all it was. It was only as good as the data in it and the version management of the document. Our system worked, but it wasn’t as simple as it could be and it was taxing for all involved”

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The Solution

To address these challenges, Calor Gas partnered with Chorus to implement a comprehensive online compliance management software application. This solution was designed to consolidate all compliance-related data into a single, centralised platform, facilitating easier access, monitoring, and reporting.

The new system also provided capabilities for subcontractors to demonstrate their compliance through a simple user interface, enabling Calor Gas to manage their site compliance requirements more effectively and efficiently.

Key features of this solution

Easy roll out
Automated data collection and updates
Real time update and monitoring
Real-time compliance status dashboards
Customisable reporting tools
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The Results

The adoption of our compliance management software application yielded immediate and impactful results for Calor Gas. The centralisation of compliance data enhanced data integrity and accessibility, allowing for more effective monitoring and management of compliance status across the Canvey Island worksite.

Automated processes reduced manual errors and saved significant time for staff, who could now focus on more strategic compliance initiatives.

Additionally, the system's advanced reporting tools improved the quality and speed of compliance reporting, aiding in more informed decision-making and unlocking easier audit processes.

“We can now see in real time that we have closed all necessary safety training gaps for employees and subcontractors on the worksite. We have reports in the format we choose and can plan ahead with look ahead tracking.”

Compliance Manager
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Calor gas next steps

Next Steps

Following the successful implementation of our online compliance management system, Calor Gas are planning to further leverage technology to enhance their compliance and operational processes.

Future developments include integrating advanced analytics to predict compliance risks and trends, as well as exploring the use of mobile applications to enable on-the-go access and updates for compliance data.

Through continuous improvement and innovation, Calor Gas aims to utilise our software to maintain the highest standards of compliance and operational excellence, ensuring they remain at the forefront of hazardous industry compliance.

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