Close the safety gap in your business.

With one platform for managing training, ensuring compliance, and improving your team's performance. Simple.

Everything you need to enhance safety, improve performance, and stay compliant.

At Chorus we believe in providing effective training to enable your team to shine on easy software that helps your business thrive with support from industry experts.


You can quickly get your team up to speed with ready-to-use eLearning. Build your own bespoke course or use new technology to deliver your own curriculum. With mobile delivery, learning is at your fingertips.

Compliance Management

Track compliance and ensure that employees are up to date with the latest training requirements of their role. Store certificates, job roles and matrices. With an easy dashboard and reporting tools, take the stress out of training management.

Competence Management

Close the gap between training and performance with our competence software. Demonstrate the combination of knowledge skills and understanding. Supported by experts, tracking onsite ability and performance has never been easier.


Not sure where to start with e-Learning, compliance or competence? At Chorus we work with industry experts to help you find a solution that's right for your team and industry.

Keep your employees safe and compliant.

It has never been easier to monitor and manage your team’s performance and ensure their safety whilst remaining industry compliant. With courses designed by experts, you can be confident your team is getting the training they need to work smarter and safer.

Why Chorus?

In hazardous environments, a strong safety culture is key to strong business performance. It is essential to perform together, comply with regulations, deliver relevant training and promote individual accountability for safety.

Reduce Risk

Minimise risk by monitoring training and compliance. Ensure your people work safely whilst also improving their skills and performance.


Save Time

Leave behind outdated, time-consuming systems. Ensure every employee completes their training on time, without the administrative burden.


Have Full Visibility

Identify lapses in compliance, knowledge gaps and potential risks to your business from a central dashboard. Stay ahead with easy reporting and maintain an accurate audit trail. 


Share Data

Your data is valuable. There is no value in it if its stuck in a piece of software in the wrong format. Share what you need with who needs it, automatically and in real-time.

Briggs : OPEP Level 1

Have a look at our new OPEP Level 1 Course, developed with Briggs Environmental.



The course, is accredited by the Nautical Institute and the minimum requirement for all UKCS personnel responsible for assessing, reporting and responding to offshore oil spills.

What our clients say:

"We chose to partner with Chorus because of their experienced leadership and capabilities. Working with the guys in the past, we knew we were working with a partner that understood our market and clients."
Hicham Hachkal
CEO, Linked4HR
"Working along with the team at Chorus in designing, building, and producing a high quality end product was facilitated due to the experience that Chorus have with online course development, and understanding the needs of their clients.”
John Cantlie
Training Lead, Briggs
“Chorus Training have been very helpful supporting us with access to e-learning content. They are pleasant to work with, understand what we are trying to achieve and do their best to make it happen. We would recommend them.”
Claire Hailes
HR Director, i7V Renewables

Trusted by hazardous industries

Compliance solutions and management tools combined with e-Learning courses from our industry specialists ensure the safety and compliance of your organisation and its people.




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