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Manage your team’s competence and take your workforce’s performance to the next level

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Reduce Risk, Maximise Performance

To close the gap between training and performance, it is essential that organisations not only provide necessary safety training but also ensure that each team member can demonstrate the necessary skills and behaviours required for the job. Introducing a competency management framework enables organisations to monitor and assess the competencies and skills needed by employees to perform their roles to the necessary standards.

By conducting a thorough risk assessment of each job role within your team, you can identify the areas in which training may be required to close the performance gap. This will ensure that each team member is competent and confident in their ability to carry out their job safely, minimising the risks to themselves and those around them.

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Ditch all the paper

Our software allows you to keep on top of your competence portfolio, manage ongoing assessments and keep all necessary evidence in one easy to manage place to ensure you and your team can demonstrate your competence to perform at your best.

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Be sure your employees have the essential competencies they need to do their jobs well. Conduct skills gap assessments to pinpoint crucial weaknesses, so you can provide exactly the targeted training they need. Competency management improves the impact and cost-effectiveness of your training, ensuring that your employees are spending their time on improving the skills that make a difference.

Create a framework
Create a framework

Create or upload a framework to identify the skill, knowledge and experience required for each role

Demonstrate competence
Demonstrate competence

Choose what evidence you need to demonstrate competence according to the role, location, experience level or external requirements

Upload video evidence
Upload video evidence

Upload video evidence, designate assessors to check the proof and verify the assessment for continuous monitoring

Save time 2
Save time

Save time recording evidence across multiple requirements

Customise your reporting
Customise your reporting

Customisable reporting to enable demonstration of compliance

Integrate with other systems and processes
Integrate with other systems and processes

Integrate your workforce competence with the HR lifecycle to assess employee performance

"With Chorus, everything is in one place. We can track and map our own employees competence and at the same time make sure that our contractors are compliant."

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