About Chorus

At Chorus, we believe in providing effective training to enable your team to shine on easy software that helps your business thrive with support from industry experts.

We power expertise

We are not experts in what you do, but we know you are. Our products and services exist to channel your expertise through digital process to power your organisation and people to perform. From multi nationals to SMEs, our services help our customers work safely and sustainably.

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Our Story

At Chorus, we're on a mission to empower you to work smarter and safer. Since day one our founders Iain and Rory wanted to build a company that puts the customer first, harnesses new technology and delivers value to users.

Today, we offer a robust platform and leading e-Learning content, from a team driven by passion. Chorus is empowering global businesses to harness the power of competence, making it their ultimate competitive advantage.

Empower your people to work smarter and safer

At Chorus, we create solutions to keep people safe and protect the environment. Everything we do helps our customers gain and demonstrate the necessary awareness to work safely and sustainably.

Innovative excellence
Innovative excellence
Unyeilding determination
Unyielding determination
Inspiring safety at all levels
Inspiring safety, at all levels
Environmental stewardship
Environmental stewardship
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Creating a company that positively impacts people and the planet.

Chorus works with highly hazardous and safety-critical industries, including the renewables sector- for this reason, sustainability and being part of a chain that positively impacts our planet is important to us. With ambitious growth plans, it is imperative we scale up, sustainably. We pledge to become more circular and regenerative; embracing initiatives that give back more than we extract.

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Our sustainability strategy

We are focusing on how Chorus can amplify sustainability initiatives and regenerative aspiration across three areas, known as ESG:

  • Environmental sustainability

  • Social responsibility

  • Economic sustainability

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If you want to use your skills to fulfil your ambition, we want to talk to you

“Chorus Training have been very helpful supporting us with access to e-learning content. They are pleasant to work with, understand what we are trying to achieve and do their best to make it happen. We would recommend them.”

Claire Hailes

I7V Renewables

"Working along with the team at Chorus in designing, building, and producing a high quality end product was facilitated due to the experience that Chorus have with online course development, and understanding the needs of their clients.”

John Cantlie


"We chose to partner with Chorus because of their experienced leadership and capabilities. Working with the guys in the past, we knew we were working with a partner that understood our market and clients."

Hicham Hachkal


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