Briggs Selects Chorus For Enhancing Training Offer

Chorus Training is excited to announce its partnership with Briggs Marine to support the digital transformation of Briggs’ market-leading oil spill training. The digital training industry experience provided by Chorus, combined with Briggs’ unique expertise, will provide clients with the flexibility to access accredited spill response training online at any time.

"Working along with the team at Chorus in designing, building, and producing a high quality end product was facilitated due to the experience that Chorus have with online course development, and understanding the needs of their clients.”
John Cantlie
Training Lead, Briggs

Briggs Marine is a leading provider of marine and environmental services worldwide specialising in port and marine operations, subsea and environmental support and vessel charter. Considered global experts in oil spill consultancy and training, the company currently offers a comprehensive range of courses in oil spill response from their global locations.

The partnership paves the way for Briggs Marine to continue their market-leading training services by adding digital training and e-Learning to its portfolio.

Chorus Training is a global workforce e-learning and software developer founded by industry experts in global training and digital competence solutions, serving hazardous industries worldwide.

Rory Fraser from Chorus Training: “Our expertise in digital training and software stems from years working in the global energy sector. We know what challenges clients face and we are excited by emerging learning technology. With this partnership, Chorus Training will support Briggs in growing its training capabilities and providing its expertise to customers more efficiently.

Working with Briggs Marine paves the way for future digitalisation of its leading training offer and supports the range of challenges their customers may face in future across the maritime, wind, oil and gas industries”

John Cantlie, Briggs Marine’s Senior Trainer, commented: “This partnership is a great way to offer comprehensive training programs to companies across the globe as a way to increase their business efficiency and productivity, ensuring they have access to the very best training and expertise in the field of spill response.”