Middle East Partnership For Industry Experts

Chorus Training is excited to announce its partnership with Linked4HR to digitally transform the Human Resources (HR) training and competence landscape.

Linked4HR’s expertise combined with Chorus Training’s digital learning development capabilities and next generation software application will help further upskill its clients’ employees and build their teams’ competence, leading to better operational performance.

"We chose to partner with Chorus because of their experienced leadership and capabilities. Working with the guys in the past, we knew we were working with a partner that understood our market and clients."
Hicham Hachkal
CEO, Linked4HR

Linked4HR is a new venture in Dubai, envisioned to provide services to transform businesses in five main areas of HR: Interim Placement, HR Consulting, People Match, Artificial Intelligence (AI) & HR, and HR Training Academy. Its business goal is to “Enable Performance through People and Innovation”. Linked4HR has experts from all industry sectors, with exemplary track records of performance and excellence in all areas of HR.

This partnership paves the way for Linked4HR to continue their rapid growth by adding digital training and software capability to its service roster.

Chorus Training is a global workforce e-learning and software development company founded by industry experts in global training and digital competence solutions serving industries worldwide.

Iain Taylor, Commercial & Marketing Director of Chorus Training: “Our expertise in digital training and software stems from years of working in the global energy sector. We know what challenges our clients face and we are excited by emerging learning technology. With this partnership, Chorus Training will support Linked4HR to grow the power of their clients’ workforce. Our software application helps clients plan, track, and deliver workforce training by bridging the gap between what their teams know and what they need to know to work safely, optimize performance, and thrive in their roles.”

Hicham Hackhal, CEO Linked4HR: “This partnership is a great way to offer comprehensive training programs to companies across the globe as a way to increase their business efficiency and productivity.”
Hicham Hackhal & Iain Taylor CEO of Linked4HR & Commercial & Marketing Director of Chorus Training.